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1,000's of sales reps 

One System

Centralize all your vendor incentive programs into a single system. No more spreadsheets, homegrown systems or headaches.


Meet Fuel

Transform your Business

Expand incentives, boost MDF and drive sales. Everybody wins - Vendors, Employees and You.

Ditch The Spreadsheets

Stop wasting time, money and energy trying to track, manage & execute vendor programs using manual processes.

A Partnership, 
Not Just Software

We work with you to ensure your vendors & sales reps gain efficiency and increase sales.



Vendor Reporting

Online reporting that delivers unprecedented insight to your vendors.



If administering vendor programs is a hidden cost to your bottom line, Fuel reverses the entire process into a value-added profit center.

Just a few of the hundreds of companies using Fuel.

About Us

Our Story

“There has to be a better way” we kept saying to ourselves. So we went on a mission to revolutionize how major resellers improve their private communications and vendor partner relationships, with the larger goal of increasing sales.


After creating a first of its kind sales incentive system for CDW, our founder set out to develop a simpler platform that could manage vendor partners and their programs. 

Our Technology

We employ the latest technologies to keep our platform secure and available at all times. Our platform is designed to deliver a simple experience that ensures success through the sales process.


Benefits of Fuel

What’s the benefits for sales reps?

Sales reps gain unprecedented insight into all the incentives that your vendor partners are offering. Additonally, because Fuel calculates results on a daily basis your sales reps can see exactly what rewards they are earning every day. And since the system is completely transparent they will always be aware of their rewards.

What’s the benefits for vendor partners?

Your vendor partners will gain new insights into their sales, see exactly how their incentives are progressing and have many more options to help grow their sales. Additonally, they will be able to easily manage all the stuff they do with your company in one system.

What’s the benefits for resellers?

Reseller gain unlimited control over all the incentives that are being shared with their sales reps, they will be able to manage these programs in a single system and their vendor partners will be happier and invest more into their business.

How quickly will we see the benefits of using Fuel?

Not often can you say that you'll see immediate benefits, but with Fuel its true. You'll not only see the benefit of happier sales reps and vendor partners instantly, you'll also start knowing excactly what your vendor partners are investing int your business and how its growing your sales.

How long does it take to become effective at delivering the benefits of Fuel?

Getting Started

How long does it take to start using Fuel?

The typical time to get a new client up and running with Fuel is about 90 days. This includes turning on the system, automating data feeds and on-boarding and training users.

When is the optimum time to begin a program?

Right now, if you're company is trying to manage your vendor partners and their investements into your business in any other way now is the time to start. Fuel will not only save you a bunch of time, money and effort it will give your vendor partners the confidence they need to further invest their time and resources into helping grow your business.

How challenging is it to manage the platform once installed?

Program management is made so much easier when using Fuel, the systems transparecney and simplicity makes the day to day management a cinch. Additonally, you'll be supported by our team of PRM experts along the way, our #1 goal is to make your program a success.

Who typically manages the back end?

Because Fuel is a Saas system, we maintain the entire system. This includes continued development, updates and enhancments to the tool. We work with our customers to discover new ways to evolve the system to exceed their expectations.

How are my vendor partners onboarded and trained?

We work on-going to on-board and train all of your users, including your vendor partners. We do this through both on-site and web based trainings.

How much time and effort will it take to integrate with our current systems?

During the set up phase, your team will establish data feeds. From there on out, Fuel will handle the rest so there’s very little IT involvement on the part of the client.



What was the ‘big idea’ behind the start of Fuel?

After creating a first of its kind sales incentive management system called 'SalesPro' that streamlined the sales incentive process for CDW, our founder set out to develop a tool that could help other companies better manage and engage their business partners from sales incentives, content sharing and sales reporting. The idea that a strong Partner Relationship Management strategy can truly 'Fuel' a companies growth and profitablity, starts with the right system.

What problems does Fuel PRM solve?

Fuel PRM eleviates many of the manual processes associated with manageing a large network of business partners. It turns what is traditionally a painstaking process for all involved, into an experience that makes it easier for business partners to engage, invest and drive sales. This leads to improved relationships between vendors and resellers, less work and more sales.

Should I charge my Vendor Partners for this service I’ll provide?

We believe that offering tools that allow your vendor partners to better engage with your business and your people is good business. The tool truly becomes a win/win for all involved, but certainly sharing the costs with your partners isn't something that is foreign. Afterall the tool will not only make it easier to engage and grow their sales, it will also provide them a completely new level of insight into their business.

Why will my vendor’s reps love using Fuel?

Yes, your vendor partners will more then likely try to hug you when you tell them you're using Fuel. We have hundreds of companies that use our tool every day and they appreciate all the ways it makes their live easier.

What are the 3 most common uses for the system when in place?

  1. Develop incentives that drive improved sales behavior by the reseller and their sales reps
  2. Check the progress and results of incentive programs on a daily basis
  3. Gain insight into your sales activities on a daily basis

How does Fuel PRM increase the MDF support levels from manufacturing partners?

By automating time consuming partner management processes, relationships grow with more partners, even the small ones. By providing detailed reporting and insight into performance levels partners invariably offer more programs to generate interest and motivation. Fuel PRM increases partner support levels from MDF’s to Sales Incentives to Vendor Incentive Rebates.

What type of systems, both manual and automated does Fuel PRM consolidate into one platform?

We've seen it all, companies use a multitude of tools and systems to try and manage their vendor partners. Most companies cobble together lots of spreadsheets to try and organize their sales incentives, mdf programs, reward management and sales reporting. For many reasons this is not very productive, it leads to all kinds of errors, issues and quite frankly unhappy vendor partners, sales reps and employees.



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