100's of vendor partners

1,000's of sales reps 

One System

Centralize all your vendor incentive programs into a single system. No more spreadsheets, homegrown systems or headaches.


Meet Fuel

Transform your Business

Expand incentives, boost MDF and drive sales. Everybody wins - Vendors, Employees and You.

Ditch The Spreadsheets

Stop wasting time, money and energy trying to track, manage & execute vendor programs using manual processes.

A Partnership, 
Not Just Software

We work with you to ensure your vendors & sales reps gain efficiency and increase sales.



Vendor Reporting

Online reporting that delivers unprecedented insight to your vendors.



If administering vendor programs is a hidden cost to your bottom line, Fuel reverses the entire process into a value-added profit center.

Just a few of the hundreds of companies using Fuel.

About Us

Our Story

“There has to be a better way” we kept saying to ourselves. So we went on a mission to revolutionize how major resellers improve their private communications and vendor partner relationships, with the larger goal of increasing sales.


After creating a first of its kind sales incentive system for CDW, our founder set out to develop a simpler platform that could manage vendor partners and their programs. 

Our Technology

We employ the latest technologies to keep our platform secure and available at all times. Our platform is designed to deliver a simple experience that ensures success through the sales process.




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